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332 Townsend Street
Lansing, Michigan 48933



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“Michigan Beverage Collective offers numerous choices and options for our company to choose from. They provide education to both managers who work with the benefits and to the employees on their plans. I feel confident any plan MBC offers will protect our employees and their families from expensive premiums and out-of-pocket costs while not sacrificing care.”

Isabel Wanty
O & W Beer

“By being a part of the Collective’s statewide network we are able to attain greater flexibility in healthcare plan designs and more competitive pricing than we could achieve on our own, while also providing our employees with access to the strongest provider network in the state of Michigan.”

Tom Schultz
Vice President, Tyler Sales

“Henry A. Fox Sales Company has participated in the Michigan Beverage Collective’s health insurance plan for many years and have found the Plan to offer numerous advantages over the alternatives.  Exemplary customer service from the Staff, varied coverage options, & competitive rates all illustrate the Plan’s ability to meet our Company’s and Employee’s requirements for this key Employee Benefit.”

Scott Windemuller
Human Resources, Henry A. Fox Sales

“The Collective offers the BCBSM network, and most providers in Michigan participate in this network.  Our employees love the fact they can pick their own doctor and not worry whether their doctor is in the network or not.  Many employees also like the network because they don’t have to get a referral to see a specific doctor for their care.”

Rob Moore
Vice President Human Resources, West Side Beer Distributing
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