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Michigan Beverage Collective is thrilled to welcome new member North Center Brewing Company. Located in Northville, North Center Brewing is proud to be a part of the Michigan brewing family and strives to incorporate all things Michigan into everything that goes into its beer and brewery. 

We asked Kevin DeGrood, the brewery’s managing officer, to tell us more about the business and why they chose to join the Collective.

We were founded in April 2015, so we’ve been in business for over six years,” he says. “We currently have 15 employees (six are full time). We were originally gunning for an expansion right around the time COVID began so we had to put that project on hold. Our goals include restarting an expansion project, growing our distribution network, and improving our employee compensation package.”

How It Started
“Before we got on board with MBWWA, we didn’t offer our employees any coverage,” says Kevin. “This was a goal of ours to change in 2021. The main driver of offering these benefits to our employees was to give our current employees better compensation, especially those that have been with us for some time,” continues Kevin. “Market conditions spurred this on for retention purposes as well as attracting new employees.”

Why Michigan Beverage Collective?
“I chose the Michigan Beverage Collective because they have knowledge of our industry and understand the needs of businesses of our size and type,” adds Kevin. “They were extremely helpful throughout the entire process.”

How It’s Going
“It has been great so far!” says Kevin. “We’re offering healthcare benefits and a 401K program, and the employees jumped all over it. Having this program has been awesome to finally give our employees what they deserve. We hope to improve the program over time and be able to offer more.”

New Members Welcome!
Michigan Beverage Collective was founded to provide value to its members. We do that by making employee benefits less complicated and less expensive. As Kevin DeGrood says, we understand the Michigan beverage industry and the unique employee benefits needs of beverage businesses. 

We’d love to welcome your business to the Collective. Find out how we can help you attract great talent, improve your employee compensation package, and demystify the administration of employee benefits by contacting us today

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