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At Michigan Beverage Collective, we know that beverage business owners want to recruit and retain exceptional talent, offer a great place to work, and grow their business. That’s why we offer competitive benefits at reasonable rates, with expert administration services that let craft beverage producers and distributors focus on their businesses.

Here are the top five benefits of Michigan Beverage Collective membership:

  1. A tool for recruiting and retaining talent. Workers are seeking higher pay and better benefits. Now more than ever, employers need to provide a competitive package in order to keep current employees and attract new ones. Michigan Beverage Collective can help you provide the kind of benefits today’s employees are seeking.
  2. Group buying power. We pool Michigan’s large community of craft beverage makers and wholesalers into one buying group, with 40 current participating employers and over 4,000 insured. This way, the Collective is able to obtain lower prices on healthcare coverage and provide a number of attractive, flexible plan options. 
  3. Name brand coverage. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan and Blue Care Network are the Michigan Beverage Collective’s strategic partners in providing hand-crafted benefit programs. Tailored network designs, dependable provider relationships, and a unique approach to benefits management provide for improved care for your employees. Vision coverage from VSP and short-term disability insurance plans from The Hartford round out our offerings.
  4. Easy administration. The Michigan Beverage Collective reduces the complexity of employee benefits while providing improved service. Our responsive staff understand benefits and the Michigan beverage industry. Leave enrollment administration, eligibility management, and compliance to us.
  5. One-stop shopping. The Collective’s employee benefit plans include medical, dental, vision, and short-term disability coverage. Choose which options are best for you and your employees, knowing you can always expand benefits as your business grows and your needs change. 

Tap into the Benefits of Membership
Attract and retain the best talent with a sustainable employee benefits program handcrafted just for your business. Contact the team at the Michigan Beverage Collective for more information.

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