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Did you know that regular eye exams can save lives? Doctors of optometry and ophthalmology are often the first to identify diabetes, high cholesterol, and hypertension (among other health conditions) in addition to identifying eye and vision issues. 

That’s one reason eye care coverage is a critical component of comprehensive employee healthcare benefits programs. Michigan Beverage Collective makes it easy to include vision coverage in your benefits package, by offering four vision care plans in partnership with VSP®.

With more members than any health insurance carrier in the nation, VSP provides the features your employees want and need along with exceptional network coverage. Members can choose from a national network of independent doctors, 22,000 retail locations, and online shopping for lenses through Most members have five network doctors to choose from within six miles of where they live or work. 

Multiple Plans to Choose From

Michigan Beverage Collective’s VSP vision plans let you offer your employees value and savings on a variety of eye care related services and products. Plans cover an annual WellVision exam with a network provider and a low copay. Plans also provide a generous allowance for purchasing either lenses for glasses (including lens enhancements like progressive lenses or tints) or contact lenses every 12 months. A frame allowance is provided every 24 months. Some copays apply, and additional savings are available for amounts beyond the allowance.

Michigan Beverage Collective plans also provide laser vision correction discounts and a 20% discount on additional glasses or sunglasses. Visits to and purchases from out-of-network providers are partially reimbursed. Members also have access to savings and special offers that can save them more than $3,000. 

Our standard plan is the most popular, with more than 60% of eligible employees enrolled. The standard plan lets members save on eye exams (with a $20 exam copay) and basic glasses, with $230 allowance for featured frames. Thanks to a low monthly plan cost, typical members save $243 each year.

Other plans include EyewearOnly120, which provides a lower monthly premium, no exam coverage, and similar frame and lens coverage as the standard plan; EasyOptions, which features upgrade options such as a higher allowance for progressive or tinted lenses (with a higher monthly premium); and Enhanced coverage, featuring lower prices on a variety of lens options (again with a higher monthly premium than the standard plan).

See How Michigan Beverage Collective Can HelpLearn more about providing truly comprehensive health benefits by including an affordable, comprehensive vision care plan from Michigan Beverage Collective. Contact Katie Gray to learn more.

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