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As any small business owner knows, finding and retaining talented employees is more challenging than ever. Post-pandemic, workers have more opportunities to choose from and expect more from their employer than ever before. Here are some thoughts on finding and competing for employees in this tight labor market.

Make it Easy to Apply

The more applicants you have to choose from, the higher your chances of finding the right person — and having them accept your offer. Are you limiting applications to a job board that requires candidates to log in? Is your application too long? Do you only accept walk-in or phone applications during business hours? Are you replying to applications with an email, when some applicants are more comfortable texting? Rethink your policies and processes and remove any hurdles to applying. 

When you do receive an application, remember that yours is probably not the only job the applicant is considering. Treat the applicant like a customer and respond accordingly (i.e., quickly and professionally). Consider conducting interviews via Zoom to process prospective employees more quickly.

Get Creative with Your Networking

Connect with local businesses that have had to lay off or furlough employees. This can be a win-win scenario as the other business enjoys reduced unemployment claims while helping former employees find new work. Ask your own valued team members to recommend and recruit for you, and offer a referral bonus if you hire someone they recommend. In a college town? Advertise in the student newspaper. Don’t neglect social media; leverage your LinkedIn network and local Facebook groups.

Make the Job More Attractive

If you want to compete for talented employees, you may need to boost your wages, offer more paid time off, and/or consider offering a hiring bonus of some kind. 

To retain the employees you have and attract new ones, consider providing the kinds of benefits they’re seeking, including health insurance. The majority (57%) of job candidates say that benefits and perks are among their top considerations before accepting a job. 

Fortunately, providing a competitive employee benefits program doesn’t have to break the bank. Michigan Beverage Collective pools the community of beverage business owners in the state to provide group rates on medical and dental insurance coverage from Blue Cross Blue Shield, vision insurance from VSP, and disability insurance from The Hartford. We also take care of all the administrative work, so you can concentrate on your business — and your employees. Contact us today to learn more.



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