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Dental health is an important aspect of overall wellness for your employees and their families. In fact, oral health affects overall health in high-risk medical care categories including pregnancy, diabetes, and heart disease. Enhance your benefits package and cover your employees’ dental needs with Michigan Beverage Collective’s dental PPO plans, provided through our partnership with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan. Dental plans can be chosen independently of medical plans.

Access and Savings

With our preferred provider organization (PPO) dental plan, members enjoy a sizable discount (averaging 40%) on covered costs when they choose an in-network provider. Costs are lower because PPO dental service providers are paid directly by the plan and accept an approved amount as full payment for covered services. Members pay coinsurance and meet the deductible, if applicable. Members benefit from lower coinsurance costs for PPO service providers.

The PPO network gives members access to more than 3,400 dental service providers in Michigan and 118,000 nationwide.

Out-of-Network Options

Members of a Michigan Beverage Collective dental plan can still see an out-of-network dental service provider and have a portion of their costs covered. Any provider who isn’t part of the PPO network may choose to participate on a per-claim basis through the Blue Par Select℠ arrangement. In such a case, the provider would accept the approved amount as full payment for covered services. Deductible and coinsurance, if applicable, would be paid by the member. Blue Par Select discounts average 16%. 

If a member sees an out-of-network service provider who does not choose to participate in a Blue Par arrangement, some costs will still be covered. In this case, the provider is not paid directly by the plan. The member pays for all charges, and then files a claim for reimbursement. The plan then reimburses the member for its approved amount, which typically is less than the full cost. 

Out-of-Pocket Costs

Some dental plans require payment of a deductible, while others do not. Deductibles are very low for dental plans compared to medical plans, and members never pay a deductible for ‘Class I’ preventive care like exams or regular cleanings. Michigan Beverage Collective dental plans do require coinsurance payments, which are a percentage of costs that members pay after meeting the deductible, if any. Amounts vary by plan. 

Unlike medical healthcare plans, which typically involve copays (the fixed amount you pay, usually at the time of service), dental plans do not require copays. 

Choose the Plan that’s Best for You

Dental care coverage is an important component of a competitive employee benefits package. Thanks to the Michigan Beverage Collective, providing this coverage doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Contact Katie Gray at to learn more.

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