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Gearing up for the new school year isn’t just about shopping for trendy fall fashions, school supplies and figuring out new bus routes. It’s also a great time to schedule your child’s annual physical and take advantage of vision, hearing and other wellness benefits to kick off the new school year in good health.

Back to school wellness is just as important for adults as they gear up to be on call to drive kids to and from school and sports practices, attend school open houses and more. For employers, this is a great time of year to remind staff about their health and wellness benefits. The Michigan Beverage Collective provides 15 medical plans, available to the Michigan beverage industry, giving access to coverage for wellness checks at no cost.

It’s no coincidence that August is also Children’s Eye health and safety month. Good eyesight is essential for a child’s physical and cognitive development, and it’s critical for parents to stay on top of their children’s vision issues in addition to their own. This is a great time for parents to schedule eye exams along with their children. The Michigan Beverage Collective offers four vision plans, available to Michigan’s beer, wine and spirits industry.

Routine wellness visits for healthy children and adults are just as important as visiting the doctor when you’re not feeling well. They help track a child’s medical milestones, learning abilities and social behavior and evaluate nutrition, safety, emotional well-being and more. Making sure immunizations are up to date through wellness checks helps prevent future illness that can keep kids or adults home sick.

The Michigan Beverage Collective provides hand-crafted benefits and customized services that make it easy and affordable to offer the wellness and other benefits current and potential employees value.

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Children’s eye health and safety month – August 2022

The Importance of Back-to-School Wellness Checks

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